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It’s the season for fuzzy friends!

The fuzzy friends are back again!

Puppy Therapy at the end of every semester is always the most popular event.

We inviting some puppies to our campus to help ease the anxieties of final exams for students. It’s the Hanson International Academy’s sixth puppy therapy event, to help students and staff take a break from the stress.

Puppies are provided by Pets and Friends, a charity organization which provides and promotes the healing comfort and companionship of animals. Students say spending time with dogs help them take their mind off their worries.

At Hanson we are always emphasizing the importance of studies, however we know everyone needs a small break and a little furry love from some puppies is the best thing to get rid of stress and set one’s mind at ease. Precisely because of this, we are committed to providing our students the best possible experience while they are studying.

For more information please contact: Constance Zhou – Media Coordinator, Hanson International Academy:

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