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Celebrate Student Success – Hanson 2017 Award Banquet

On November 25th 2017, Hanson International Academy celebrates students’ achievement and talent impresses this year again.




Historically, Hanson students celebrate the scholarship awards on International Awards Night. Different from previous years, Hanson held a luncheon with winners and their families and friends at Boathouse which flanked by the picturesque views of the Fraser river visible from the window of the venue. Hanson faculty and staff were in attendance to congratulate our students.


Campus Director Chris Velasco issued a welcome address which acknowledged the achievements and successes of the students with friends and families. Then, Manager of Student Services, Karlo Avenido took over the hosting duties while students and staff were being treated to the delicious cuisine. Staff and instructors took turns to award scholarships which included the biggest award – Principal’s scholarship of Distinction (awarded to Gurpreet Singh, Tourism).

It was exciting to see the pride and support that the Hanson staff and students openly shared with the scholarship recipients who were greeted on the stage with thunderous applause and cheers of approval.

The Banquet ended with some lucky draws as Hanson always wants to share the honour and spread happiness to every guest.

We would like to thank our guests, as well as the staff and volunteers who worked hard to make this Award Banquet a success. We hope that the achievements and talents of our scholarship recipients, performers and alumni serve as a continued inspiration to the entire Hanson community.


For more information please contact: Constance Zhou – Media Coordinator, Hanson International Academy:

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