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Happy 2018 Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog.

On Feb. 15th, Hanson International Academy celebrated Chinese New Year- Year of the Dog with our students. The student services department prepared some fun games and snacks. For students who were born in 1994, they will receive a red pocket-money prize from the school to celebrate their zodiac year (本命年, Ben-Ming-Nian). Other students can play the fun game and get a chance to win the red pocket-money prize as well.


The Chinese Zodiac (生肖, shēngxiào) is a classification scheme that assigns an animal, and its attributes, to each year in a 12-year repeating cycle. It remains popular in not only China but also in other East Asian countries such as Japan and Korea.


Hanson International Academy has kept these traditions alive in 2018 for homesick students. Since many students cannot go back home to celebrate, Hanson makes every effort to be their family in Canada. Hanson International Academy cares about its students and makes every effort to ensure their happiness when they study with with us. We are all here to support students’ success and growth, and we look forward to helping them become the best version of themselves.

Hanson International Academy wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!














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